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If bad ideas were an Olympic event.
the walking dead || every bit as good
untapdtreasure wrote in twd_stamping
well, here goes nothing. LOL.

The Application
---The Survivor
Name: Larissa
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Likes: when people can get along and have a good conversation despite their differing opinions.
Dislikes: when people trash talk characters that they don't like simply because they don't like them.
Favourite Quote:

----The Camp
Favourite character on The Walking Dead and why? Daryl Dixon. Because out of all of them he's the only one that has had any sort of character growth. I judged him in Season 1 as a hardass but now that season 2 has run and i've seen it, i judged too soon. He's someone that I would want to have with me if this were to ever happen. And he's sexy.
Least favourite character on The Walking Dead and why? That would be a toss up between Lori and Carl. Lori because she was too quick to just walk away from Rick at the end of Season 2 and actually loathe him openly because of what had to be done EVEN though Shane was there to kill him first. Carl because he needs to stay where he's told to stay. He's what? 10? Didn't he see what happened to Sophia. And oh yeah! He got Dale killed because he was too chicken to open his mouth.
Your Walking Dead crush *If no crush, put a pairing you support* and why? Carol/Daryl. There's something about these two that just makes you want to shut your mouth and devour every word or non-word they speak to one another.
If you were with the group, what do you think your primary role would be? cooking and cleaning. i'm no use anywhere else. :)
Your weapon of choice? handgun for sure
What gear would you grab if you and Glenn went back to Atlanta and were inside of a shopping mall? canteen, backpack, boots, and long pants.
Attack! The Walkers have broken through a window and are close on your heels, what would you do to help you and Glenn get out faster? Knock into the path whatever I could get my hands on as we ran. And have his back no matter what the danger to myself was.

----Days Gone Bye
Your camp has been ambushed and it's time to move on, where would you lead your fellow survivors to? somewhere remote as in a farm or something that is way, way, way away from civilization and nowhere near a town (lol the greene farm was a mile from town. the idiots)
What character would you team up with for support and dangerous missions? Daryl Dixon. Or Andrea toward the end of Season 2. She was badass.
What would you wear during the zombie apocolypse? Jeans/Cargo pants, t-shirt and a pull over sweater to keep warm. And boots with some good tread.
Picture of yourself *optional* no way jose. lol
Any last words/requests? This is fun. It's my first stamping community. <3

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You have kind of a fun quirky personality but you seem like the sort of hang out in the background and be a people-watcher so my first impression was Glenn.

Glenn's pretty cool, he's one of the more interesting charaters, and he's had some personality growth this season as well.

that he is. and yes, he did. I do hope that they continue to grow him as well as several others Daryl Dixon

Glenn seems a good fit.

hehe :) lol this is really so unexpected but I adore him so it's all gravy, baby! <3

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