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The Walking Dead Stamping Comm.

Find out who you're most like from The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead - First ever LJ stamping communit
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--- Welcome to >b>The Walking Dead</b> stamping community! ---
Fan of AMC's The Walking Dead and/or the amazing apocolypse comic by Robert Kirkman and you're curious as to what character you're most like of this growing franchise? Then you've come to the right place! Here after you follow the rules and post your application, fellow community goers will help you be matched up to your Walking Dead match!


The title for all applications will be "If bad ideas were an Olympic event."
If you don't like who you've been stamped as, you may wait two weeks and then post another application with "Entering Atlanta!"
Keep the attitude pretty chill. Don't cause some drama llama to show up. :)
Rate as much and as often as possible!


*more Comicverse characters will be added eventually...I think majority just watch the show*
Rick Grimes
Lori Grimes
Carl Grimes
Shane Walsh
Dale Horvath
Carol Peletier
Sophia Peletier
Daryl Dixon
Maggie Greene
Hershel Greene
The Governor
Walkers *this will be done if an application has very little to no information*

The Application
---The Survivor
Favourite Quote:

----The Camp
Favourite character on The Walking Dead and why?
Least favourite character on The Walking Dead and why?
Your Walking Dead crush *If no crush, put a pairing you support* and why?
If you were with the group, what do you think your primary role would be?
Your weapon of choice?
What gear would you grab if you and Glenn went back to Atlanta and were inside of a shopping mall?
Attack! The Walkers have broken through a window and are close on your heels, what would you do to help you and Glenn get out faster?

----Days Gone Bye
Your camp has been ambushed and it's time to move on, where would you lead your fellow survivors to?
What character would you team up with for support and dangerous missions?
What would you wear during the zombie apocolypse?
Picture of yourself *optional*
Any last words/requests?

*this is a brand new community just starting up, if you'd like to help get it going, feel free!*